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Before you begin your intensely awesome multi-touch masterpiece, you will need materials. Personally, I had a few necessary materials lying around my house, so I saved a buck here and there.

Generally, here are the materials you will need for an LCD-LP setup.

  1. An LCD screen (WITHOUT FFC issues *see LCD section*)
  2. A webcam that you can convert into an IR camera
  3. If you are converting a camera, you will need a visible light filter.
  4. IR LED’s / LED Strips
  5. A DC power supply
  6. Building materials for crafting a case (wood, aluminum, etc.)
  7. Plexiglass/Acrylic/Glass

Okay, now lets get into some details…

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Hello everyone! I am currently beginning my first multi-touch project, and I want to share it with you. The style of multi touch I have chosen to build is an LCD-LP, however in the event that the LCD-LP fails, I will create a Side DI.

LCD-LP stands for LCD light plane. It works by flooding the top surface of an LCD matrix with infrared light, and viewing it from beneath with an infrared camera. When you place your finger in the light plane, it reflects the light down toward the camera, and the camera (running with a program that tracks finger position a.k.a.  “blobs”), transmits it’s viewable area to the computer, the location you are touching.

So far, I have disassembled a webcam (PS3 Eye) and turned it into an IR (infrared) camera, and taken apart my LCD screen. And both still work after being reassembled!

I will be posting my pictures of the processes later, along with steps of what I did.